2021 Carbon Peak and Neutral Yantai Forum
2021 China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition
2021 China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum

Date:October 19-21, 2021 
Venue:Yantai International Expo Center(Address No.309, Gangcheng East Street, Laishan District, Yantai City)
Approver Supports:
National Energy Administration
State Bureau of Nuclear Safety
State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, PRC
Energy Administration of Shandong Province
The People's Government of Yantai
China Machinery Industry Federation
China Environmental Culture Promotion Association
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center
China National Nuclear Corporation
State Power Investment Corporation
China General Nuclear Power Group
China Huaneng Group Co.,Ltd
China First Heavy Industries
Harbin Electric Corporation
China Dongfang Electric Corporation
Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group
Hualong International Nuclear Power Technology Co. Ltd
Qingdao Military-Civilian Integration Development Group Co.,Ltd
HBIS Group Co.,Ltd
China Electrotechnical Society
Beijing Huanhe Technology Co. LTD
Yantai Nuclear Power Research and Development Center
Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd
  At present, with the deepening of China's energy revolution and the establishment of a low-carbon, efficient and green energy system, it has become the top priority to accelerate the adjustment and transformation of energy structure. As an important part of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, nuclear energy will play an active role in the energy revolution.
  At present, China is in a critical period of stepping forward from a nuclear power to a nuclear power country, and the nuclear power industry is faced with a historical opportunity to develop to a high quality and become the first nuclear power group in the world. Shandong is now at a crucial stage of transformation from old to new driving forces, and is accelerating the formulation of a special plan to support the development of the nuclear power industry, centering on the goal of becoming an energy power and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient nuclear energy system. After years of cultivation and development, Shandong has stepped into the forefront of China in the research and development of advanced nuclear energy technology and nuclear power equipment manufacturing, and become an important forefront of innovation and development of China's nuclear power industry.
  In this background, by the National Energy Administration, State Bureau of Nuclear Safety, National Nuclear Accident Emergency Office Worker Bureau (Defense) support, China Machinery Industry Federation, Energy Bureau of Shandong Province, host by Yantai City People's Government, The China Nuclear Group, Guodian Group, CGNPC Group, Huaneng Nuclear power company, China Electrotechnical Society, Power Engineering Society of China, Yantai Nuclear Power Research and Development Center, organized by Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd “2021 China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition, 2021 China (Yantai) Nuclear Power Sustainable Development Summit Forum” will be hold on October 19- 21, 2021
  in Yantai International Expo Center. This exhibition will focus on comprehensively displaying the latest technologies and equipment in nuclear power technology research and development and nuclear power equipment manufacturing at home and abroad, displaying the achievements in the field of nuclear energy in China in recent years, building communication and service platform, and discussing the problems in the development.More than 300 domestic enterprises and research institutes will participate in the exhibition, so that the whole society can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the development of the nuclear power industry and support the development of the nuclear power industry.
The theme of this exhibition is: new era, shared nuclear energy future!
2. Conference Schedule
Registration Exhibition Preparation:Oct 17, 2021  (8:30-17:00)
Oct 18, 2021  (8:30-17:00)
Exhibition:Oct 19-21, 2021 (8:30 -16:30)
Closing Dismantling:Oct 21, 2021 (8:30 -14:30)
3. Scope of Exhibition 
★ Nuclear Island
Reactor and its cooling system, reactor core fuel, nuclear fuel components, pressure regulators, reactor internal components, reactor pressure vessels, control pump drive mechanism, steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, closed shell, ECCS. 
★ Conventional Island:Turbine generators, steam turbines, power generators, transformers, condensers, moisture and water separation reheaters, blades, instrument control, insulation materials, air-conditioning systems, nuclear air cleaning and ventilation filter equipment, application of bio-engineering in the reactor control, numerical control system software qualification, date collection system of completed nuclear power plants and other system renovation, electrical system, wires and cables and bridges, buses, novel emergency power supply system, novel high-voltage equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, nuclear power paint, nuclear batteries, nuclear power paint, all kinds of pipes, pumps and valves, pressure vessels, hangers, nuclear grade graphite, computer-aided design in nuclear power plants and the computerization document management, welding, machining, heat treatment and assembly technology, engineering machinery and special tools. 
★Operation and Maintenance Facilities 
Lifting equipment, hoisting locks, special tools (electric, pneumatic, manual), robot for nuclear reactor, a nuclear safety protection equipment and materials, radiation protection equipment and products, personal protective equipment and emergency equipment, nuclear nuclear accident emergency communication device, biochemical detection equipment, the nuclear industry nuclear detection instrument, nuclear pollution testing instrument, examination, nondestructive flaw detection in service (industrial endoscope), condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, nuclear power, professional maintenance, transportation and logistics.
★ Nuclear Environmental
Decommissioning of nuclear power plants, reprocessing and storage of radioactive waste and spent fuel; Cleaning machine
★ Nuclear power plant infrastructure
Nuclear grade cement, concrete additive, nuclear power coating, nuclear water proofing, nuclear power chemical building materials, nuclear power plant fire blocking, etc
★Supporting Materials
Nuclear steel, non-ferrous metal, zirconium salt, sealing, composite materials
★ Others
Isotopes, accelerators and radiation application equipment;Radiation protection and monitoring equipment;Nuclear security systems and equipment;Nuclear power plant emergency rescue technology and equipment;Comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy (heating, steam supply, seawater desalination, etc.)
4.Exhibition Charge
Standard booth: (3mx3m)
EURO.3,800/booth,during exhibition period
Deluxe Standard booth: (3mx3m)
EURO4,600/booth, during exhibition period
Basic price for open space (with an area no less than 42m²)
EURO400/ m², during exhibition period
Standard booth fee: including exhibition space, 2.5m high wall plate, fascia board preparation, 9SQM Carpet, one negotiating table, two chairs, one 220V power socket and two fluorescent lamps. 
Deluxe booth fee: on the basis of standard booth configuration [Booth light box, company LOGO, one glass round table, three chairs, one color page before the exhibition (worth 8000RMB) ]
Open space fee: Exhibition space, security, cleaning services (excluding special clothing management fees).
5. Exhibition Participation Procedures
5.1. The booth application form should be filled, and should be sent or faxed to convention organizing committee after being stamped. 50% or all of the exhibition participation fee should be transferred or paid to the organizing committee within one week since applying for the booths, the booth ordering distribution principal: "first application, first remittance and first arrangement", and the balance should be completely paid before September 10, 2021, otherwise, the organizers will regard that the participates abandon exhibition. 
5.2. After organizers receive the "Exhibition Application Form" and the booth fee, they will send the invoice and "Exhibitor Manual" to exhibitors. Representative accommodation, product transportation and other matters should take the "Exhibitor Manual" as standards. The paid fee for exhibition will not be returned if exhibitors exit in the midway after signing up for participating in exhibition. 
6. Exhibition Journal and Other Advertisements 
The exhibition journals not only are widely sent to administrative department and related associations, and exhibition visitors during the convention, but also are sent to foreign and domestic industry systems, related distribution units, and so on. 
Exhibition Journal Cover Back Cover Front cover and Inside front cover Inside back cover
Crossed colored-sheet Inner colored-sheet
RMB ¥50000 ¥36000 ¥20000 ¥18000 ¥18000 ¥8000
Invitation:RMB¥10000 / ten thousand,  RMB¥20000 /twenty thousand invitation cards
Handbag: RMB50000 for 10000   Exclusive advertisement on the back of exhibition certificate and visiting certificate: RMB50000
Inflatable arch: 15800 yuan /period, 1680 yuan/road flag, each (10 sets)/exhibition period
Gold Sponsor of the Exhibition: RMB 500,000 (negotiation of specific cooperation projects)
7. Exhibition Propaganda Plan
7.1. During the exhibition: product promotion, trade negotiation, technical exchange, academic discussion, nuclear energy safety and nuclear power industry chain forum and other related activities; 
7.2. Each exhibitor can apply for holding a special meeting. The cost for each meeting is: RMB 15,800 for domestic enterprises and EUR 4,000 for foreign enterprises (the time is 90 minutes, and less than 90 minutes is charged for one meeting)..; 
8.Exhibition Publicity Programme
8.1. Nuclear power plants, competent departments of nuclear power industry, nuclear power research institutes, nuclear power industry units and nuclear power equipment manufacturers at home and abroad will be organized to attend the exhibition
8.2. During the exhibition, decision-makers, important buyers and large users from neighboring countries and regions at home and abroad will be directly invited to visit, negotiate and place orders through 60,000 invitation letters and 300,000 visitor tickets
8.3. International media partners:CCTV, Radio and TV Station in Shandong Province, Yantai TV Station, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Energy News, People's Net, Sina, Sohu Net, China Environment News, Journal of Energy, China's Reform, China Nuclear Industry News, China Daily, Xinhua, China's Nuclear Power Grid, China's Nuclear Network, Universal Energy, The International Energy Network, China Power Network, The World's Energy Network, China's Nuclear Power Magazine Publishing Exhibition Information and The Contents of Advertisements.
● Exhibition Participation Methods 
  If your company would like to apply for joining the exhibition,please ask the committee for apply and contract for joining the exhibition , after filling in and stamping it ,please mail or fax it to committee.
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Invitation of 2021 China International Nuclear Power Industry
and Equipment Exhibition and China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum
All units concerned,
  At the end of 2020, the central government clearly put forward the 3060 carbon emission target, low-carbon development, has become the most important direction of China's energy structure transformation.As an important part of low-carbon and clean energy, nuclear power is embracing a period of strategic development opportunities.China's nuclear power industry will speed up its transformation from a major nuclear power to a powerful nuclear power with the focus on localization, safety and intelligence
  As an important base of China's nuclear energy industry, Yantai, Shandong Province, has gathered a number of key projects of the three major nuclear industries and bred a number of important nuclear power equipment enterprises, thus becoming one of the important sectors in China's nuclear industry and even clean energy industry.With the in-depth promotion of Clean Energy Demonstration City, Yantai is forming a good situation with comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy as the core and simultaneous development of various renewable energies, and the clean and low-carbon energy industry is booming.
At the invitation of the People's Government of Yantai City, Shandong Province, China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition 2020 moved to Yantai for the first time, and was held at the same time and place as China (Yantai) 2020 Nuclear Power Safety & Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum.Yantai Nuclear Power Exhibition and Nuclear Power Forum have received the participation of leading organizations and leading enterprises in the industry, such as Three General Situation, Three Nuclear Power, Three Power, and Two Heavy Industries. They are of high level and large scale. With nearly 200 exhibitors and 600 booths, they have become the best nuclear power exhibition project of the year.
2021 China international nuclear power industry and equipment exhibition will still by the National Energy Administration, National Defense Industry Bureau, The National Nuclear Safety Administration, The Energy Bureau of Shandong Province, Yantai City People's Government support, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electrotechnical Society, companies in Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., LTD to undertake, on October 19 to 21, 2021 held in Yantai international exhibition center exhibition hall.
  This exhibition will focus on displaying nuclear island, conventional island system and equipment, nuclear power plant infrastructure, nuclear waste treatment and other sections with localization, safety and intelligence as the main line.At the same time, it focuses on creating four subdivided exhibition areasNuclear Instrument and Self-control, Nuclear Radiation and Safety, Nuclear Operation, Maintenance and Service, Nuclear Security and Network Security.At the same time, Renewable Energy Exhibition Zone and Energy Saving Technology and Equipment Exhibition Zone will be organized to form an exhibition pattern with nuclear power as the main part and low carbon and energy saving as the auxiliary part, so as to build a communication and service platform for enterprises and public institutions in the industry and help the rapid development of China's nuclear power industry.
We sincerely invite you to attend China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition 2021 and China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum 2021.
Please reply to this invitation, Thanks.
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March 15, 2021