The company has Exhibitions Department, Planning Department, International Department, Advertising Department, Design Department, Booth Construction Department and other functional departments. After decade of rapid growth, Qifa has successfully organized dozens of large-scale annual exhibitions that include CIHHSE, NGV China; Environmental Sanitation and Municipal Cleaning Exhibition; Nuclear Power and Gas Turbine Exhibition; National Defense Information Technology Exhibition and other exhibitions focusing on different industries and it has created a number of well-known exhibition brands. Qifa exhibition values the spirit of "cooperation, enterprising, innovative and successful" and adheres to the principle of " honest and pragmatic, customer comes first". What’s more, it has been actively working on collaborating with domestic and international industry associations, societies and medias to fulfill specific industry needs and to ensure that the exhibitions are characterized by extensive local market expertise. Besides, the events are not just professional exhibitions, because many of them also feature market-defining conferences and forum. The seminars always set the agenda for the industry and examine ways in which both exhibitors and visitors can cut costs, enhance productivity and generate fresh business opportunities. As new trends and technologies emerge, Qifa will always remain ahead of the curve in analyzing and harnessing new potential to make greater contribution to the prosperity of China’s exhibition and convention industry.